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 2014 Calendar


Master Time Management & Efficiency
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, April 1st - 2pm ET 

As a professional in the health and fitness industry, are you organized and efficient with your time? This webinar will help you make the right choices as you plan your day, week and life.  Learn to align your daily and weekly tasks with the most important goals. Move from being buried alive to extremely productive! We will cover materials to use in everyday life from, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” by Steven R. Covey, and “Getting Things Done,” By David Allen. Learn how to not react urgently but how to approach each day with importance mindset. Consistently planning activities around identified "most important outcomes."

Protecting Your Club's Assets: Your Workforce, Trade Secrets, Employees and Customer Relationships
By Kara Maciel and Peter Stein
Tuesday, April 15th - 2pm ET

This webinar will offer practical solutions on how to protect club trade secrets, guard against solicitation of employees, recruit from competitors without getting sued, and respond to important issues that arise when employees, such a personal trainers and sales staff, leave to compete with former employers.

Member Service Skills 101: In Person & Telephone
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, April 22nd - 2pm ET

Back to the basics into the future! Member Services Skills 101 will re-introduce the steps your team needs to create raving fans. This webinar will give you practical practices that are easy to implement. Empower your Members Services team to engage and celebrate your members everyday! 



How To Increase Your Closing %
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, May 6th - 2pm ET

This webinar will cover specific ways to increase your sales team’s overall closing percentage. Key principle that will assist any revenue or sales generating department. Learn how to set up a sales presentation that will result in maximum sales. This will also cover overcoming objections which can be used in both sales and customer service interactions. Increase your bottom line by increasing your closing percentage! 



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