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 2014 Calendar


How To Increase Your Closing %
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, May 6th - 2pm ET

This webinar will cover specific ways to increase your sales team’s overall closing percentage. Key principle that will assist any revenue or sales generating department. Learn how to set up a sales presentation that will result in maximum sales. This will also cover overcoming objections which can be used in both sales and customer service interactions. Increase your bottom line by increasing your closing percentage! 




Facebook Marketing and Creative Social Media Check Ins
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, June 3rd - 2pm ET

Facebook gives club owners a new way to connect with members on a day-to-day basis and drive traffic into your club. This webinar will cover how to run an effective Facebook Ad campaign for events, deals, post promotions and more. A step by step guide will be given as well as tips for a successful Ad Campaign. Learn how to encourage the “Check in” behavior as a vital source of marketing. While your members are shouting to the world…I am at the club…your club name is being featured. This webinar will guide you through the process of encouraging check ins using social media platforms. Which ones work and which ones are worth it!




A Step by Step Guide to Implementing Group PT
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, July 8th - 2pm ET 

Attendees will learn:

- A formula for setting trainer compensation and program pricing

- A Launch System to fill classes and keep them filled over the long term

- How to use group training to increase membership traffic and sales

- A Systematic Approach to program design to insure that group programming is consistent across all instructors and refreshed regularly to prevent boredom and plateaus.




25 Ways To Generate More Leads and Traffic
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, August 5th - 2pm ET 

Most clubs today have a traffic challenge, not a closing challenge. 

Need more members? Running out of ideas on how to generate more guest traffic? This seminar will teach you 25 ways to generate more members!

You will learn both internal and external marketing ideas including referral programs, past member promotions, the best direct mail campaigns, and corporate and community outreach. Find out how to use your marketing dollars wisely by communicating with the right demographics and differentiating your club from the competition

Join industry expert Maria Parrella-Turco with New Paradigm Partners and learn how to build a marketing plan that will help bring in the guest traffic you are looking for. This brief 40 minute seminar will change the way you look at your year's marketing campaign.



How To Handle Information Calls
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, September 16th - 2pm ET 

This powerful webinar will teach your staff how to handle the incoming call when a savvy prospect calls for information. This webinar will cover:

- Where the incoming call fits in the sales process
- The four G’s  - Greet, Gather, Give and Get
- Putting yourself in the caller’s shoes
- How to stay in control while not being overbearing
- Getting the name and phone number
- Putting it all together

Plus, live role plays will be used to demonstrate how to handle information calls!



How to Train Your Front Desk Staff
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, October 14th - 2pm ET 

Your Member Services Desk Team is the face of your club. This webinar will cover key factors in training your Member Services Team. From the minute your members walk in the door your Member Services Team is on stage.  Attending this webinar will ensure you are able to train your Member Services Team to represent your business properly.



How to Train Your Front Desk Staff
By Maria Parrella-Turco
Tuesday, November 4th - 2pm ET 

In this session participants will learn the compents to achieve a million dollar one-on-one and small group training profit center. The 5 key skill sets of being a successful personal training manager will be discussed. Learn how to hire long term, full-time, quality trainers and help them build their business so they are successful and prosperous.

Find out how to quantify goals and develop strategies to reach those goals in getting to $1 million! Learn how group personal training contributes to the big picture. New Paradigm Partners will share systems and tracking tools to help you formulate your plan. 



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